Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua: Nov 17

Looking forward to seeing how the drama unfolds tonight. The Jane/Marty rivalry is over but there is still the NaOnka/Jud conflict. The guys thought they would have the power at council but Sash stayed true to his first alliance -Brenda. Those two believe they have all the power but things flip flop fast in Survivorland. Tonight is going to be interesting:

Best conversation from last week (from Jeff Probst commentary blog):
Benry and Fabio hanging in the shade, talking Survivor strategy. It was almost like a trailer for a new comedy:

Benry: You and I should just lay low… play stupid.

Fabio: I know dude, I hate playing stupid so much… but it’s like the smartest thing to do right now.

Benry: It’s easy.

Fabio: It’s… real easy"
Last week they were randomly selected to compete for reward, the teams ended up girls vs. guys. The time away from camp gave Marty a chance to plot but it wasn't enough. When he didn't win the idol his fate was sealed. At tribal council Marty was voted out and then there were 10:
Predictions for Nov 17:
Benry is will out any alliance and I suspect will be going home if he doesn't earn immunity. I could all see Dan, the man with nine lives or Jud going home.

If your like me always miss Survivor you can find episodes at (for Canadians) or CBS has all things Survivor for US fans.

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