Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Farmers Market Find and a Haiku

Farmer's Market Find: I am blessed so close to the Wolfville Farmer's Market. It is a great place to discover local artisans, buy fresh produce, connect with friends, and have lunch. Today I found these great pink mittens that will be a perfect gift for my sister (she doesn't read my blog so its okay to say that). The mittens are wool on the outside and warm soft fleece on the inside. What I especially appreciate about these mittens is the wool from old sweaters and is being given a second life.

Saturday's Haiku: This summer I had bought a Haiku Magnetic Poetry Kit. I had wanted an original poetry kit for awhile and decided to splurge that day. Sadly the store was out of the original but haikus (would that be the proper plural form?)are fun. At the same time I decided that I would save opening the kit as an incentive to complete the Apartment Therapy book (which didn't happen at the time). BUT yesterday I finished the 20/20 Home Cure and thought it was a good time to celebrate. There are now 250+ tiny magnets on my fridge beckoning me to be creative. This is my first haiku (thank you Daddy for the help with syllable counting):
Current NaNo Word Count: 20,067

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decay said...

I'm Dave Kapell, inventor of Magnetic Poetry, and I say to you, Great haiku!