Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Books, books, books

It would be amazingly neat if there was some huge-enormous-gigantic book database somewhere of listing all the books ever written/published. And as part of this huge dream database you could go through the titles, authors and genres checking off and storing all the books you had ever read. I think it would be interesting to see a list of all the books I’ve read. Even if such a database existed even holding a faction of the books it would take a lot of time to manage. Could imagine trying to search through all the titles.

Inspired by the above idea and because lists are fun, or so Matthew tells me, I am going to track the books I read during 2007. This isn’t a challenge or a race. Just a kind of experiment, "what do I read?" My hypothesis is that it will be mostly fiction, and a good chance that it will be fantasy. Though since starting at NHW I’ve been reading more Christian life, ministry resources, and spiritual developments books. So who knows. I will not set out to read just that and prove myself right. Books that were started in 2006 but were finished in 2007 will count on the list. So far:

1) Eragon –Christopher Paolini
2) Eldest –Christopher Paolini

Reading suggestions are welcome.

Here’s Jeff’s picture inspired by the beloved game pass the pigs. Makes me giggle and I have a sudden have an urge to throw farm animals. hee hee hee. More Cousin Art

I love my mummy. In high school we would have these long talks into the night. I like talking with my mom.


Garwik said...

Those poor, poor pigs! But it was so fun to draw!

You could try searching using the Library Of Congress website for books: http://catalog.loc.gov/

elizabeth said...

You’re so smart.
And that wasn't sarcasm.

Lor said...

hey liz. your post yesterday about waiting really spoke to me. I identify greatly: waiting on the Lord for some (many) things but not know when or how it will come together. So we must surrender not only the item or person or event to the Lord but even the way it happens and our very heart of hearts while we wait. we need to trust God's character to fulfill HIS plans for us at exactly the right time, being at peace with the reality that our plans may never come through. The verse you posted has been my life verse this past year. Be brave and courageous; take heart. Wait patiently. Not anxiously or doubtfully, just patiently, knowing that your Creator and Abba has you on His mind all day and is this very moment putting into action all His plans for your life. Wait in expectation instead of suspicion and praise Him thoroughly in the waiting, eh? IT's tough but through it all we see more of Yahweh so it's good. Our purpose in this life is to find enjoyment in waiting on the Lord for all things. Let's not try to rush through the wait but experience the Great I AM because of it, hey? Thanks for your post.