Thursday, January 18, 2007

More Than a Bonsai

Inspired by Eric Sandras’ book Buck Naked Faith, I’ve started a new topical with the youth group, looking at our journey with God in the light of bonsai horticulture. Over the next seven weeks I am going post thought from our study, it will force me to fine tune the thoughts floating in my brain. Sandras’ introduction explains that bonsai trees have the appearance of a strong, healthy tree with lush green leaves that has weathered storms. The reality is they are frail miniatures whose growth is stunted and are as dry as a desert on the inside. After reading the seven principles of bonsai maintenance Sandras shares that:

Those same principles were exactly what would encourage that hypocritical, stunted lifestyle I wanted to escape. Unfortunately, I also say how those same seven principles –appealing, yet stunting –were already at work in me and others around me….I would have to learn to live in a spirit opposite to that of the bonsai.
p. 27
Bonsai Principal #1: Start with potential.

We have potential (Jer. 29:11 and Eph 2:10). Life and growth comes from waking it up. It is more then just what promise I show. It’s about God and the story he is writing across history. The thing that stood out to me was the motivation for doing spiritual disciples. Are they just activities or are they for progress and growth? Waking up potential is finding connection with Jesus in disciplines, not taking part in activities for the sake of maintaining an imagine or even successfully completing a to do list. So, why do I do the things I do?

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