Friday, January 26, 2007

A Very Merry January Unbirthday:

With just three months till my 26th birthday, it is time for a Challenge 25 update:

1 –Sort of "dyed" my hair blue, experts say it counts. It was for a night and a day and there are no pictures to prove it. But for that very short time my hair was blue thanks to Kelly, Gina, and Penny.
4 –I have not snowboarded yet. Gina promised to take me but she is away. My friend Missy went snowboarding and made it to the bottom her first run without falling.
6 –Have a few dishes I’m planning to try next month. To date I’ve prepared nine dishes, only 16 to go.
8 –Currently working on Isaiah 26:8 and Psalm 27:13-14, recently learned Genesis 1:1
13 –I wrote part of Pogo and the Ice Cream Adventure out…but unsure of where I saved it.
14 –I am sketching more lately, which was the whole point of this challenge. None of them would make up a single "piece" but I am enjoying the creative out let. So I think it counts
21 –I am officially registered for His and Dis. Yippee!
23 –Completed: 25 meaningful conversations about God.
24 –Two weeks back the challenging puzzle began. It is 500 pieces of popcorn. You would not believe how many shades of white popcorn can make. So far the boarder is completed, I found a piece and one of my youth found two. This might take awhile.
25 –A friend has a mystery dinner kit and has said I can use it any time I would like. Maybe for my birthday party.

Just over half way, 13 done only 12 challenges to go

Have a very merry unbirthday!

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