Friday, January 19, 2007

Movie Night

Just got back from a movie night at my neighbors where I was introduced to a new snack, cottage cheese and pineapples mixed together with plain yogurt. It was definitely different. It is doubtful I will just eat it again to satisfy a munchies craving. It was very interesting (interesting must be read very slowly and drawn out like so: innnn-teer-esss-tingg)

We watched Lady in the Water. It was enjoyable with its bedtime story in the modern world feel. I loved the themes and mystery that came into play. I liked that a presumed legend was reality but it took belief. I liked the characters and their connection. I like that mundane people had purpose. Only downside was focus. That was partly because the three of us talked through most of it. I also found it hard to take in the movie as it was because I was trying to think the possible twists that might happen. I was almost 100% completely wrong on all these imagined twists. Overall I liked it even when I was scared of the creatures in the grass. It wasn't what I had expected but all in all a good movie. I think I would like to own it. Definitely would see again.

Movies to add to the "Viewed in 2007 List":
End Games
Step Up
John Tucker Must Die
Lady in the Water

Which brings the total to eleven movies seen and still only three books read. For my friend who loves statistics, lists, and ratios that is about 4 to 1.


*Heathluvsing* said...

was this movie scary? We love his movies, but this one looked too scary. Thus we didn't actually see in in the theatres.

elizabeth said...

I found it less scary then the Village. There were a few places that I was so wrapped into that I was anxious about I might have screamed but that might have been my friend. Movies are scarier if one person is already scared. I liked it, it had a good use of suspense.