Wednesday, January 03, 2007


I like books. There are many, many good books out there. I’ve enjoy reading quite a few. I think I would be hard pressed to make a top 20 list. I am not going to try right now. This is what I am currently reading:

Long Walk to Freedom
Praise Habit
Buck Naked Faith
Hudson Taylor’s Secrets to Faith
God in the Ally

I also got some new books for Christmas. I am excited to read them. Yay books!

I love my mummy. She says I have a passion for books. I’d agree. It’s because she helped me learn to read. Thanks Mom!


Lor said...

Captivating is an excellent book and although I've never read it I'm sure the one on Hudson Taylor is amazing too. He is one of my inspirations. He knew the Lord well in His earthly life. Happy reading fellow book lover, and happy new year liz!

Garwik said...

Reading is AWESOME.
I have so many words I have to read because I got so many books for Christmas!