Friday, January 05, 2007

Who Turned Out the Lights?

While on a completely unrelated search I came across the following article, which sparked my interest (got to love google). Family sues after creative writing assignment lands teen in psych ward. After reading a majority of the article I jumped to the end to read the conclusion and found this quote:

"Usually I am thinking about life in general," David wrote, "and you know, life is not G-rated."

David is the student who’s vibrant writing (meaning sexual and violent) got him into trouble. He’s writing what he knows. A world that isn’t G-rated, I don’t think it ever was. I have a beautiful image of what life was like in biblical times. My pretty picture with blue skies and butterflies is largely influenced by flannel men who couldn’t bend their arms. It is hard to imagine what life would have been like 100 years ago let alone 1000 or 4000. But my very limited understanding of history it was bloody and there was brutal violence, coarse language, and sexual infidelity. Most of the same conflicts of today were present then change locations and names. The technology is different but it is the same world.

The world is dark. At times its seems to be getting darker or maybe in am just opening my eyes to how things really are. There are numerous questions this raises for me. How do we live in the world but not be of the world? How do we protect the children without leaving them naïve and defenceless? And how do we heal those in trauma? How do we stand with out becoming self-righteous? The greatest question seems to be
–How is my light shining?

I love my mummy. She just called. I like her voice. When I was little and stuggling to learn to read she (and Dad) read to me from the Chronicles of Narnia. Thanks parents.

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elizabeth said...

Jeff, Not sure if you'll go back and check the comment I just added about the picture so I'll give it again:

"Jeff, that is great! Looks fun-er then cow tipping. I love it! Oh, now I want to play.

Oh and about cows. I just saw Cars New Year's Eve. I love the tractor tipping. Made me giggle, but not to loudly cause everyone else was asleep."