Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Two for the Price of One

Ever have a moment when a conversation, book, or observation sends your brain thinking in two opposite directions. It’s a common occurrence in my head. I find it most frustrating when the ideas are connected to something I want to post. So instead of trying to weave the unrelated ideas together I’m just going to post them both. Today you’re getting two thoughts on the topic of “reality shows.”

1) I like most reality shows. This could comes from living in TP for two years in college. The lounge TV was most commonly set on TLC. Hours were spent watching “What Not To Wear,” “Trading Spaces,” and the baby story, dating story, wedding story, proposal story, and on and on.

Since college I’ve been introduced to UK reality shows like the original trading spaces, “Super Nanny” and “How Clean is Your House.” I have to day the UK’s reality shows are better than ours. They have better concepts, better hosts, and better episodes. Even when the same person is a part of the American counterpart I still prefer the UK version. I wonder why? It might just be the accents but I doubt it.

2) I've been watching "How Clean Is Your House?" Which got me asking myself, “Do the people really change?” The earliest episodes had the two clean queens visit the house one year after they had “helped” grim offenders start over. The houses and owners had resumed their pervious states, neither had really changed. The next few episodes had the ladies visit after a month. The house was mostly clean but the dishes were piling up, the sinks weren’t as shiny, and the clutter was growing. Then the show started visiting after two weeks. The house was still beautifully clean. The show ends with a warm fuzzy feeling that we can break bad habits because people do change. If change happens it would have to takes more time a one day clean sweep. Can people break habits and if so how do they really change?

Day 3: Becca and I shared a huge plate of veggie nachos for a late supper. The meal was yummy but I was sad I couldn’t order potato skins…they are covered in bacon.

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Jecca said...

ask for them to leave the bacon off. :)