Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Cat Tales

Mid July we (mom was visiting) noticed that both Inu and Kima were having some health issues. I got some meds from the vet which helped one of the problems. Then talked to other cat owners and decided to change their food. The troubles went away. Kima has become picky this week and not really eating the change so I’m mixing a higher priced brand in with the meow mix. Got me curious, what do other cat owners fed their pets?


Nata said...

I did the vet brand for awhile (Medi-Cal) because Emma was throwing up all the time, and it did help. But with foster cats around it was getting too expensive, so I tried lots of different brands. Emma is a picky eater, but she's displaying brand loyalty: Anything Purina she will eat, and the vomitting is pretty minimal.

Pajamas and the foster cats will eat anything, and as far as I know they've never thrown up.

Jecca said...

I need to respond to your other posts soon, but I only have a quick minute and this question has an easy answer...

Most pet foods have what's called "by-products"...look on the label of the food you have and you will see this very high up on the list of ingredients. chicken by-products (or any other animal by-product) is made up of all the waste products of the animal exploitation industry, ie blood, bones, etc, which are not suitable for human consumption. you can find more about this by searching google for "animal by-products pet food" or something similar. cats who eat this are typically more susceptible to disease and sickness than those who don't. i use Pet Promise dry cat food currently. Mae eats anything, so I haven't had any problems. I might try some wet Pet Promise food at some point, but this is what i have for now. it's really the only brand i could get locally that seemed to be the most healthy and natural, without all the inedible junk. i think there are some cat foods online that might be even better for her health, but i haven't quite gotten to them yet.

Also, it's debated about whether or not cats can be vegan and still be healthy. Considering my research, I feel that it would not be safe to make Mae be vegan, so that is why she does eat the food she does. It *can* be done properly, but it would take some planning and supplementation and a very watchful eye. Hope that helps.