Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Final Day

I am continually amazed with how fast a month goes by. You blink and a month has gone by. I feel like it is the first week of September and I still have time to get into the fall groove, that worry about October’s fall can wait because it is still weeks away, and I am just starting the veggie challenge. I am delusional. The kids are back in school and the groove might actually be a rut, the fall festival plans are two weeks behind, and today is the last of my 30 day be a vegetarian challenge. Where did September go?

I enjoyed the vegetarian experience. It was fun. I liked the meatless recipe books I discovered at the library. I am still finding new books with cool dishes to try. I learned that I do like hummus, not all vegan meat substitutes are gross (but some are), and I still dislike tofu (but I am willing to try a different brands and types in the future). I haven’t decided if I’m going to remain vegetarian in the coming days or not. It’s become a struggle. Tomorrow won’t be different then the past month, I am not going to run out and order Wendy’s Baconator at 12:00:01. I am expecting most of my meals will continue to be meatless but I haven’t decided if all will. I still really *miss* having meat in my diet. There are also other food issues I am finding I am more passionate about like eating locally grown foods. Well, my tummy is growling I am off to make pasta.

Final thought AJ’s warning about needing to find a variety of favorite dishes was 100% true. Anytime I was in a rush, lazy, or behind on making my menu plan I had pasta with a veggie sauce. Over a longer period of time I would hate my favorite food.

Good-bye Veggie Month

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Dena said...

Congrats on finishing your month! I am glad you liked it and are interested in continuing as mostly meatless. I think as soon as we get settled somewhere I will slowly change my fam over to vegetarian and dairy-free. For me it's not really an animal rights thing (although def a good reason), but more for health and the enviro impact. Also way up there is the world hunger issue. And, of course it is so much more economical. I figure with all the money we save not eating meat I can afford to eat all organic and buy my organic beauty and cleaning prodects and not see a change in the grocery budget. Anyway, I am excited for you, and share your new found like for hummus! Yea for great changes!

Jecca said...

Congrats on getting through it! Thanks for being willing to try a new way of life. :) Be experimental with the tofu...freezing it and thawing it, then squeezing all the water out, gives it a firmer texture, almost like that of chicken. I've made breaded tofu that way with pasta and Prego sauce and it tasted like chicken parmesan. It also sucks up more liquid in that thawed state so you can marinate it with whatever you want.

And yes, AJ's right...my life has been so busy I've been making the same three or four meals a week. I hope after this wedding I can cook more of the vegan foods I love.