Friday, September 05, 2008

Food Friday: Food Discovery

Breaking News: Thank you everyone who shared your concern about my cat. Inu came home this morning. I think he was hiding out at the neighbors place. He seems to like them more than me…maybe they have better cat food. I am just glad to know he is safe.

Earlier this week Kim and Brent introduced me to husk tomatoes this week. We took a great picture of the bucket of tomatoes but for some strange reason my computer won't read my camera or let me upload the pictures. I found a great picture on Alejna's website Collecting Tokens. The balloon like husk pulls back to reveal a tiny, green tomato smaller than a cherry tomato. They are very yummy, I would describe the taste as berry sweet, very little reminds us of tomatoes. I really enjoyed them.

Fun Food Fact: Did you know that tomatoes are really a berry? I didn’t; this neat tidbit was found on this tomato filled fact page. You learn something new every day.

Day 5: I had lunch at Tim Horton’s today. The veg options were limited to bagels, a hearty vegetable soup, and a veggie sandwich. I went with the sandwich; they put lettuces, tomato, cucumber and cream cheese on it. Who ever heard of putting cream cheese on a sandwich? It tasted fine but felt wrong. Supper tonight I’m trying a frozen veggie pizza.


Dena said...

Those husk tomatoes are very popular here, but I never tried them 'cuz I;m not really a tomatoes fan. But perhaps I will. Thanks for the discovery!

On the "veg on the go" note, I hear many KFC's in N.Amer now offer a veggie "chicken" sandwich. Don't know if you have Taco bell in your area, but they have bean burritos. Also, if you have time for a quick sit down, many restaurants offer veg options or are willing to substitute for you. You can also search online for veg restaurants in your area. Or you can always eat leftovers from earlier in the week. Hope that helps.

Jecca said...

the KFC thing is well as taco bell's bean burrito. Good thinking Dena.

Where would you use these tomatoes? I'm not a fan either, but if they don't taste like tomatoes, I could try them.