Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Cat Tales: The Cat Came Back

I’m worried about Inu. Both my kitties have become outdoor cats. They come in to eat, some times stay for some cuddles or a nap. Then they are at the door wanting let out to explore the world. Saturday night I let both Inu and Kima out; Inu hasn’t come home. I miss my cat.

In other cat news: Kima and I have a new obsession. Drum roll please:

Battlestar Galatica!

It’s amazing, wonderful, brilliant, fabulous and amazing, wait I’ve already used amazing. The show is an excellent drama and it's in my favorite genre sci-fi. And yes, it is really more my obsession than hers. But since Friday night she has sat through all of the mini series, season one, and most of season two with me. There were a few times I think she took a cat-nap but for the most part she was either crawling on me or sitting somewhere close by. Which I think is great because she is normally anti-cuddles. Battlestar has brought us together

Day 2: Kim and Brent invited to join them at Pizza Delight. This was my first “I’m a vegetarian eating out” experience. The store just started a new pasta menu that looks wonderful; the chicken-something yummy-bacon-pasta almost tempted me. But I went with an even better choice “Chunky Vegetable Greek” pizza. It was so good, who knew I liked Greek pizza.


Maria Purviance said...

I just read your blog since you posted about being veg. (sorry, classes take over my life)...I am excited for you! It is wonderful being veg..and it makes you feel good about why you are doing it and it's just so healthy. if you ever need any dinner ideas let me know!
also, i bet your cat is just in heat. she/he will come back!

TMNK said...

are you watching the original B.G. or the newer one?

Elizabeth said...

Thanks Maria, do you have a favorite dish?

I am watching the newest Battlestar

Jessica --- Vegan Jesus-Lover said...

yay for veggie pizza!

i'm so sorry about your cat. i never let mae out unless i'm holding her or have her on a leash.