Monday, September 08, 2008

Make It Monday: A Terrarium

After killing yet another plant last month I was ready to give up on the green thumb thing. Then saw a Thread Banger video on terrariums posted last week. I decided to give growing things one more chance. The supplies were easy to gather: a large cookie jar, aquarium stones, carbon used in fish filters it was suppose to be charcoal but the carbon was the best I could find, potting soil, and plant.

And this is my finished terrarium, the ornamental pepper that I bought was larger than the jar I bought. I’m looking for some smaller plants that will fit better.

Day 8: I was finally able to upload the pictures of husk tomatoes.

My first week as a veg is over. I’m still liking it, missing bacon, but finding it an ongoing adventure. Yesterday I ate at Brent and Kim’s, they made meatless lasagna. They are making it easier at discovering new veggie recipes.

I had a good veggie surprise today, my neighbor knocked on my door today to give me fresh tomatoes from their garden. She also let me know I could pick blueberries off their bushes. I’ve lived here two years and had no idea there were blueberries on the property. I picked a whole huge bowl, they are very yummy. Some will be for snacks but I’m freezing half.

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Jecca said...

there are actually vegan bacon options. they don't taste like actual bacon, especially if you like all the grease, but they are a decent substitute if the craving is becoming too much.

Smart Bacon is the one I tried I think. There should be others though. Just check your natural food section.