Friday, September 12, 2008

Food Friday

I have good friends, great friends. Two such great friends are Kim and Brent. This couple invites me into their homes, shares meals with me, and talks about every subject under the sun. They have introduced me to new foods, hobbies, board games and ideas. I love spending a late night playing Settlers with them. On one such occasion the conversation of favorite beverage came up. I shared my deep love for Fanta Pineapple with them. This was a while back. Recently, the same night as the husk tomato adventure, they bring out a bottle of pineapple Crush. They saw it at a convenient store and thought of me. It is not exactly the same as Fanta’s version but it is still pretty fantastic.

What’s your pop (soda) of choice?

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Jecca said...

on the rare occasion i drink soda, it is birch beer (preferably white) from PA. it tastes a lot like root beer, but is clearly different.