Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Fifty-one days till NaNoWriMo, the write a novel (of 50,000 words) in a month challenge begins. I got a story idea this week that is getting me excited to write again. Plots and characters have been filling my mind since December 1st 2008, the day after last years challenge ended. But I decided this year not to tell anyone anything about my story before it was on paper. Last year I found the details I had already shared out loud harder to write. I hope the secrecy helps the creative juices flow. So far so good, I even have a title…but you have to wait till November for it to be unveiled.

I began watching season four of Battlestar Galatica today. I’m still loving the series. There are so many aspects I enjoy and respect. I tried to sit down and reason through what I liked about it. My list so far is:
-The characters are whole and complicated. They make good and bad choices. Some times the hero of one episode will disappoint you in the next.

-The plot is appealing. Post-apocalypse, who hasn't wondered what they would do or how they would survive.

-The twists and surprises and not just because they are unexpected but because some times it’s the exact opposite of what I want to happen…makes things interesting, like the end of the mini series when cylon No. 8 was revealed or the events on New Caprica.

So here is a question, what are your favorite stories and why?


Robin said...

I like Battlestar because it's sci fi that doesn't feel like sci fi. It feels more like an old war movie that just happens to take place in space. It also has no aliens which is a nice change from typical sci fi (including the original series from the 70s).

I'm tempting to try Nanowrimo this year. But I think I'll have enough on my plate. Who knows, though?

Are you ever going to do anything with last year's book?

Robin said...

oops -- that should say "I'm tempted" not "I'm tempting".

Glo said...

O man nonawrimo.... I stillhaven't finished the story from last year.
I don't want to think about this year's yet.