Friday, January 29, 2010

Farewell Dollhouse

Tonight Fox (US) and Global (Canada) aired the last episode of "Dollhouse" title "Epitaph Two: Return." If you missed it Global should have it posted on their site sometime next week (not sure of a US viewing option but that's what google is for). If you haven't watch the series the show will be meaningless, if you have it is a bittersweet farewell giving fans one last chance to see the possible future and say good-bye. I think of it as an epilogue to wrap things up after "The Hollow Man's" more finale style ending. I am still reeling from the shock the surprises and deaths of the last few episodes. I should know that Whedon never gives everyone a happy ending, one or more of my favourite characters will die. I should have learned this by now and yet I am still surprised.

What I liked in "Epitaph Two" was the interaction between Topher and Adelle. I've always liked them and their overall charcter arch. Watching them reminded me of a favourite episode in which Adelle allows Topher to program a doll for a friend on his birthday. I also like how the tech and war had affected Sierra/Priya and Victor/Tony's relationship and how this episode brought renewed closure. I thought the appearance of Alpha was odd, nice to have him along, but odd.

What I will miss the most is seeing favourite actors from other shows on Dollhouse: Tahmoh Penikett from Battlestar as Ballard, Alan Tudyk from Firefly as Alpha, and Summer Glau from Firefly as Bennett. It's hard only seeing them as guests on CSI (or similar shows).

Back to the episode, it was good but made me sad in parts. I felt the most for Adelle and Echo. They seemed to have the worst ending...going on alone. I am curious about how Alpha will turn out in the new world. I almost wanted him and Echo to get together. I think it was he who left Echo the gift on the chair. Questions I am left with are what happened to Whiskey (who was clearly still around at the end of Epitaph One) and Dominic (who was sent back to "the attic" in "The Hollow Man")? The lack of Whiskey really bugs me. Other than that I thought it was a good and very Joss Whedon ending. I'm looking forward to his next project…I hope there is a next project.

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