Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sushi, Birthday Wishes, & the First Ten Days

1) Ten days into 2010 and I've been keeping most of my goals. Maybe "most" is stretching it but I have had some ongoing success, like eating breakfast every morning. The breakfast is wonderful. As a kid it was my least favourite meal (I hated eggs which didn't help) but now I love it. My eating patterns the past few years have been horrible. I was only eating a meal or two a day and often not before 1pm. I wanted to change so during Christmas break started eating breakfast every morning. The trend has continued consecutively the past 21 days. This is the best I've ever done with keeping a new tradition. I'll post more about my goals tomorrow.

2) The dessert sushi was a success. They turned out better than I expected. I couldn't get all the items from the recipe I was looking and I was worried that the different types of candy wouldn't go together but they did. In fact they were very yummy.

The "sushi" was made with mini powder donuts for the rice, sweetish fish for raw fish, jelly beans for row, fruit by the foot for the thin seaweed wraps, and icing to make sure everything stayed. I also cut up white gummy bears for ginger and a green apple candy for wasabi.

3) It's my Mom's birthday. I can't be with her right now but I love her dearly. She is the bestest! I hope for her a wonderful year full of joy and God's blessings.

Happy Birthday Mummy!


Jecca said...

these are gorgeous :)

Elizabeth said...

Thank you!