Sunday, January 31, 2010

Potato Bacon Soup -Disaster?

I made today didn't go as planned.

I had changed a few details to the recipe I found, but that wasn't the biggest issue. The trouble was the cooking times the recipe gave. It said cook one hour on high then another hour low till the potatoes are tender.

What I've learned today is that potatoes take longer than two hours in a crock pot (even if one hour was on high). My soup was suppose to be done for 1pm for a group meal. I enjoyed a bowl alone (the picture is the actual bowl I had) around 5:30pm. It was good, but I'll make a few more changes to the recipe next time. This is what was in it this time:
  • Four new potatoes chopped into bit size pieces(I used two red and two white)*
  • Two carrots chopped up *
  • Eight strips of crisp bacon *
  • 3 cups of milk (I used 1%)
When potatoes are tender add:
  • chopped up green onion *
  • a package of herb and butter mushed potato mix (add to thicken to amount you find enjoyable)

The time was off. I'll share that after the second attempt...if there is a second attempt.

*Indicated changes to the original recipe.

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