Monday, December 24, 2007

All I Want For Christmas is My Four Front Teeth?

A very excited little girl jumped on me this morning. You would have thought it was Christmas but she just wanted to wake me up. It is nice being loved. She also wanted to show me her very wiggly front tooth. It seemed like it would come out all day but is still holding on. She already has three front teeth missing. Eating will be interesting when this one is gone.

I love being home with my sister. Sister comments from today:

“I want to follow my sister everywhere…except not in the bathroom.”
In the midst of a conversation about the cost of a mission I may possibly be a part of this summer Lee-Ann cut in with,

Lee-Ann: “I’m not giving Zizzy any of my allowence!”
Dad: “Why not Honey?”
Lee-Ann: “It sounds like too much money.”

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