Saturday, December 29, 2007

Girlie Night

Dad took his three girls (Mom, Lee-Ann and me) to see the Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s The Nutcracker this evening. I knew the story but this was the first time actually seeing it, unless you count the Barbie Nutcracker movie.

We loved it. The few times I looked over Lee-Ann was on the edge of her seat delighted in the story. At the intermission I joked with her that it was time to go home and she was very upset that it was over till I let her know that it was only a short break. So she asked if she could get something to eat. We explained that there were only drinks available. To which she responded with this:

“I think I saw a hot dog stand.”
She was right, sort of, in the lobby there was a hot dog like cart serving coffee. Thankfully they also sold giant cookies to satisfy a little girl's rumbling tummy. It was a wonderful last night with my family. I am flying home tomorrow at 11am so I am off. Night.

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