Monday, December 03, 2007


Everything I did yesterday seemed off or flat. My actions were the same as any other Sunday but something was missing. Nothing felt right, I noticed it during the children’s moment and it was downhill from there. I just didn’t seem to be connecting. I even had two different people ask if everything was okay. The problem was everything was fine. I have no idea what made it off it just was. Driving home after it was over I just had one of those “I wish I wasn’t me” moments…but that was about it.

I’m not looking for validation or complements but I am wondering how do you deal with “off” days especially in ministry?


Aaron Perry said...

Oh man, isn't that feeling the worst? I hate getting it in the middle of a sermon...but it happens. What I write now I write for my benefit because it's truth I need to be reminded of: God does with our weakness way more than we do with our strength. Maybe what you need is to feel "on" and have 10 people ask you if everything is ok! :)

glo said...

saddly when i feel off, I just feel numb and don't do much of anything. and if i have to do something then I just do it to do it.