Thursday, December 13, 2007


Do you ever think that in the process of growing up something was lost? I am not thinking of the loss innocence, or the essences of childhood, or something expressed in Peter Pan…or maybe I am. I was a seamstress today for the first in years. I needed to create two prophet costumes out of burlaps for the up coming kid’s Christmas play (only four days away). The pattern was simple enough to make. When I was in grade four my mom put me in sewing classes, which I loved, but it has been a long time since I actually made anything.

Why do we stop discovering the world in the ways we enjoyed as kids? There are tons of classes and workshops for kids...not as many for adults. My cousins use to go to these cool summer programs, one learned to do magic shows and the other tried claymation. I am jealous of the opportunities and freedom children have to express. There were things that I tried once or twice as a kid that I enjoyed but I was only average (or horrible at) it wouldn’t be profitable to invest in the activity. I miss the freedom to try new things.

As I was picking up thread for prophet costumes I also purchased a meter of stripped fabric I liked. I am going to make something from an original "Liz pattern" (not sure what it is yet but I am excited). I don’t expect to make it on Project Runway but I hope I can rediscover a dormant love. My creative buds are tingling with anticipation…this could be fun or a horrible failure.


Jecca said...

I was thinking the same thing yesterday as I revisited "The NeverEnding Story." The fantasy world died because the human kid-Bastian-had no hopes or dreams, no imagination. I used to devour a few books a week, now I'm lucky if I finish reading one in a month. There was a time when I stamped and scrap-booked and sewed as well...but it's been months since I've done any of that. I think we just have to work much harder at discovery than we used to, and by the end of the work day, there is not a whole lot of energy or time left to do it...this has to change.

Elizabeth said...

I it funny that we are both thinking the same thing?

Jecca said...

:) it's nice to have the company while i realize i've become too much of an adult and have left the child behind. who says we have to grow up anyway? i'm with Peter Pan.

Jeff said...

Growing up is for losers.
Today, Mel and I made a snowman in the alley behind our apartment. It was taller than me!

Elizabeth said...

Jeff, that's awesome...I am so jealous. Was I right about the claymation? Or was it an animation workshop?

Next time I'm home (not that Hamilton is really my home...but you know what I mean) we must do something kid-like.

Oh and while I think of it, Aunt Penny thank you for the Christmas card. It arrived yesterday.