Tuesday, December 25, 2007

First Day Of Christmas

It might have been the time different or just excitement but I woke up a few times last night before I ventured upstairs to find out if anyone else was awake. Lee-Ann joined me. Together we creped into Mom and Dad’s room and jumped on them at 7:10am. Took us a few more minutes to convince them it was time to open the gifts. This is the only picture of the unwrapping party that didn’t have us looking like aliens or living dead:

With out a lover I did not recieve the traditional partridge in a pear tree. However my family did bless me with the gifts I had really hoped for and a few very nice surprises. I love my presents but I was more excited watching my family open their gifts, weird how things change.

Once everything was open I went back to bed. Lee-Ann woke me a little later to show me that her wiggly tooth had come out. I think the tooth fairy might be visiting tonight. I am trying not to be jealous but when I was little the tooth fairy skipped out house and yet my sister is in the fairy’s database? Doesn’t seem fair. The rest of the day was spent in phone calls to family, then Christmas dinner with relatives in Winnipeg, and a game of Settlers of Catan (which I was heralded the great benevolent rule…the peasants rejoiced.) Aaron shared this with me:

Merry Christmas everyone!


Jecca said...

Merry Christmas Liz! So glad you are able to be home. :)

Elizabeth said...

Merry Boxing Day Jessica and thanks, it is wonderful being home.