Monday, December 17, 2007


After three months of preparation and days of anticipation the children’s Christmas musical has come and gone. I feel like a huge weight is gone, only I also don’t know what to do with myself. The kid’s did a great job, songs were sung loud and clear (most of the time) and lines were said (most of the time) and they looked like they were having fun. I’ll have some pictures and maybe a video clip tomorrow. To celebrate some friends went out for lunch and then I came home and napped…but now what? The play has been a huge responsibility and focus the last bit. It’s amazing to me how much effort we put into an event that ends so quickly. It almost makes me doubt if it was worth it but from the feedback I received this morning I think it was. Someone even made the comment that it will be hard to top next year. I’ll wait to tomorrow to begin worrying about that.

One of the boys knew the whole musical inside and out. His father told me he would listen to the practice CD every night with his script. There were even a few times they came in to say goodnight and he had fallen asleep with the book open. He was hilarious to watch this morning. Any time some one was lost or forgot their line he would cue them. My favourite moment happened at the end, I was standing in the back of the sanctuary ready to give a cue when I heard one of the guys lean over and whisper to boy "hey what’s my next line." I had to hold in the laughter; for me it was everything a kid’s play should be.


The AJ Thomas said...

I know exactly what you should do - nothing! Relax, enjoy christmas. Ministry has busy times and slack times. Embrace the busy ones and enjoy the slack ones.

Elizabeth said...

AJ you are so wise...I think I will.

The AJ Thomas said...

Recipie for my previous comment:
1 part wisdom
3 parts experiance (february rally anyone)