Saturday, December 08, 2007

Lessons From A Month of Novelizing

It seems like NaNoWriMo end months ago, reality (and my calendar) says it has only been a week. I have given myself a chance to breath. In the past seven days I have enjoyed sleeping in, bowling with friends, pie and chai lattes, reading books, and watching movies. And today I realized I miss my story and writing in general. I also found there are two other stories in me wanting to be written. These were a few other lessons I realized because of the writing challenge:

-I love to write.
-Writing never follows the outline.
-Stories write best when ideas are written out fresh, opposed to shared with friends then trying to recover the momentum of the brilliant idea to capture on paper.
-I will participate in NaNoWriMo again next year.
-Rough drafts are always bad.
-Bathtubs are giant sinks. Jeff passed that advice on to me. Thanks Jeff.

I think I am either going to start revising the story I just finished or start one of my ideas after the Children’s Christmas pageant.


matthew said...

Elizabeth. i am afraid that you are becoming a writaholic! Sorry I missed ya.

Elizabeth said...

Maybe I am...Is that a bad thing? Do you think I need something like WA (Writer's Anonymous)?

glo said...

Nbeing a writaholic has never caused any problems for me.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks Glo!