Saturday, December 15, 2007

Festive Frenzy

I know that December days brag about having the least amount of hours of light but I think the shortest days title also means that there are less minutes in December’s hours and therefore less hours in the days. I support my theory with the well known fact it is harder to get everything done in December. There just isn’t enough time.

Maybe I am just be overwhelmed after today’s dress rehearsal. There were sound check issues, costume chaos, two really good temper tantrums (I though for sure someone was going to be punched but thankfully only a chair was hit. Poor chair didn’t hurt anyone), and just general pandemonium. I am amazed that we actually finished the two hour practice on time. I am taking comfort in the fact that bad dress rehearsals equal good performances and hope that isn’t just an ol’wives tail.

Christmas Countdown Update:
The annual church board Christmas party on Monday and last night’s youth Christmas party were great. We had the youth party at a game room that just opened up. It had two Wii’s and four Xbox 360’s. The kids (and me) had a blast with Guitar Hero, Wii Sports and a few others. I also learned I am just as bad at Halo 3 and I am at original Halo. We played two teams of team, my team lost 50 kills to 35….I didn’t have a single kill. I hang my head in shame. The only thing that redeemed me was winning Wii Bowling.

The children’s Christmas musical is tomorrow.
5 days till the year’s last youth night
8 days till I am in Winnipeg with my family
10 days to Christmas.
And 2 weeks till Robin's in Japan.

Well, I’ve been at the church for ten hours and it just hit me that all I’ve eaten today are two two-bite cupcakes and a timbit. I think I am going to take my last minute list of to do’s home, eat left over pizza from last night’s party, and hope to sleep some time before tomorrow’s service.


Robin said...

One more for the list: 2 weeks till Robin's in Japan.

Elizabeth said...

Okay Robin, I'll go make the change now. :)

Robin said...

haha, wow. Thanks.