Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Snowbound and Cat Tales

I was running late for everything last month, I blame the novel, so this morning I went out early to clean off the car. The plan was to be early or at least on time…neither happened. Ten minutes early I backed out of my spot down the long driveway, backed in where I always back in to before getting to the drive way enterence and my car was stuck. Both my neighbors did the exact same thing as me and were fine but no no not me. My car wouldn’t move. Dug myself out, tried backing up again, went forward a little only to slide and get more stuck. I gave up and called Scott letting him know I was snowbound.

Turned out to be a good thing not only did I get caught up on a the cleaning I put off last month, I got half way through Measure of a Man, started a puzzle mom gave me last Christmas, and rearranged my room the plow didn’t get to our road till after 2pm so even if I could have got out of the driveway this morning I wouldn’t have gotten very far.

Inu has recently gotten in the habit of sitting on the back of the couch right behind me. Most of the time he just sits and flicks his tale against my neck, which is annoying but livable. The other day, while writing, his little paw touched the top of my head (no claws) and he ran it down to my neck. He then repeated the action a few more times. I had to shake my head, I was being pet by the pet. I think he was just trying to lull me into a false sense of security because now he waits till I least expect it and pounces on my head –no cool.

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