Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cat Tales

The cats have discovered the kitchen counter; I am not impressed. Sunday morning I washed a glass casserole dish to take to church for bible study. Becca was holding the dish in the passenger seat. She gave me a look. I told her I had washed it. She said something like, "oh really?" We held the dish to the light to discover dirt cat prints running across the dish. Someone suggested I could make a large pot of Chicken Chow Meow…tempting.

Any cat lovers have suggestions how I can keep the felines from jumping up on the counter I would love the advice. I’ve tried splashing them with water but it hasn’t helped. I’m going to try orange peels next.


Jecca said...

I have no suggestions. My cats are the queens of being on the counters. They actually prefer to drink water from the tap and one doesn't mind getting baths, so splashing with water doesn't help. You might try tapping their noses with an empty paper towel roll...when they see us coming with it, they usually jump right down, but it definitely doesn't keep them from jumping up in the first place. Let me know if you find a solution that works!

Steph said...

double sided tape. Put it along the edge of the counter so they hit it when they jump up. It won't take long for them to learn. The other option is tin foil, same idea, but takes longer to work.

Jecca said...

double stick tape....nope, not my defiant cats. been on the counter for a few days now, thanks to steph's suggestion, but they couldn't care one bit about it. i think the situation is hopeless. the one cat, who is diana's cat, isn't afraid of anything...water, tape, taps on the nose. i blame her for teaching mae how to jump onto the counter in the first place. :P