Saturday, December 08, 2007


Mid-morning I read the final chapter of Sidney Poittier’s Measure of a Man. I was disappointed; I think the reason was I had an impression of what the content would be from reviews and a “Dinner with Sidney Poittier” special on Oprah and it didn’t match the actual book. There were a few parts I enjoyed but overall I was unsatisfied. I’m glad I got it finished because there were more books waiting for me at the library. I currently have the following signed out:

Due Dec 20th
Infidel –Ayaan Hirsi Ali
The God Delusion –Richard Dawkins

Due Dec 29th
A Long Way Gone –Ishmael Beah
God is Not Great –Christopher Hitchens

Due Jan 10th
I Heard that Song
Before –Mary Higgins Clark

Why do all the books on my reading wish list become available at the same time? I am not sure how/if I’ll be able to get all these read before their due dates but at least they waited till after November before coming in. In my favour there are only three chapters left in Captivating and five to go in Disappointed with God. I’ve temporary stopped reading Doug Fields’ Your First Two Years in Youth Ministry (the youth leadership team is going to read it together in the new year). Still there will be much reading in the days ahead.

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Jecca said...

I've missed reading. I plan to read more books in the new year...maybe make a list of books I'd like to start and finish. Any recommendations?

Currently, I've just started reading "Into the Wild"...which has now spawned a movie that is in little theatres...unfortunately, for many reasons, I didn't see it before it left. I'm very excited about this book.