Saturday, November 01, 2008

And So It Begins…

Nanowrimo has begun.

Last night I sent an alarm clock so that the typing could began right at midnight. Worn out from the trunk or treat I only managed to get 163 words on to paper (aka word.doc) before my mind demanded sleep. Each one was a struggle. The capturing the essence of the story I’ve been building in my mind was a great challenge than I thought.

As I sailed away to never neverland vicious plot bunnies attacked with the wicked idea that my outline was unusable and impractical. If I had of listened to these doubts I would have erased those precious 163. I think I would have started if I had not of had this amazing conversation with my dad this morning. Instead he helped me fight off the evil plot bunnies and kept going with my story writing this morning.

This afternoon I went to Just Us CafĂ© for the first ever Wolfville Write-In where I was joined by three other wonderful woman for two hours of writing, tea, and chatting bliss. I am as excited to learn the outcome of their stories as I am to finish mine. We also had one word war, where everyone writes as much as they can in a give time limit. Ours was for ten minutes with the best word count earning chocolate. It really helps the word count and the ideas to flow. I didn’t win but was impressed to have managed over 300 words in that short time. Yay for word wars! It was a good time had by all…and there was London Fog, my new favourite drink beating out the long cherished chai latte, I had two.

Word Count: 2,101 (necessary daily quota to win is 1,667)

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