Thursday, November 27, 2008

First Time Writing in a Week

I had a great weekend visit with my missions buddy, Selinda. We had a wonderful reunion. Thursday she shared at youth, Friday we rushed around getting ready for a kids ministry Swaziland party to celebrate them giving $1200 in offering (over a year) for food for Swaziland children. Saturday we were snowed in (and the party was cancelled), Sunday was church with the party, and Monday we said good-bye.

During the visit I didn't write and the trend continued through Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Getting back to the story just didn't happen…till today. Currently at 29,945 words, I think/hope the full 50k is still possible. There was an encouraging story on the NaNo Q/A or a woman whose computer crashed losing 60,000 words on November 20th. So she just started a new one and is currently at 35k. If she can do win so can I.


Robin said...

Let that be a lesson to you: Back up your hard drive before it happens to you.

Elizabeth said...


Glo said...

you are still 20,000 words ahead of me.