Saturday, November 29, 2008

How Does One Kill A Sea Witch?

WrimoRadio’s question of the week was, “what were the worst poses you have written this November?” I am sure I could have submitted some doozies but the worst came out last night. I was trying to keep the words flowing but I am stuck on where to go next with the plot. My main character (a crew of five friends which include a air/dream pirate, two warriors, a girl of the forest, and a shy girl that has not had a purpose yet) must defeat a sea witch and I am not sure how one goes about killing sea witches. This particular witch lives in a deep salt water pool below found in a mountain. Any suggestions?

A friend looked up mythical history and learned magical knots tried in speacil rope can thwart a sea witch. Does this trigger any ideas? Help needed there is 1 day, 12 hours, and 4 minutes left to complete nanowrimo and 13,990 words still to be written.

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Glo said...

well in the little mermaid the sea witch was ran threw with a ship, but I am sure you have a much different sea witch then that.

I have a sea witch (of sorts) in the pirate story i have been posting on my one blog, her death wasn't ex termly supernatural, her head was bashed in, Maybe you could have somekind of special weapon that needs to be used.

My actual advice which you probably have already though of is to have your shy girl with no perpose be some how what is needed to kill the witch. or that she is the only one who can kill the witch, or maybe something like that.