Friday, November 07, 2008

Food Friday: A Redwall Kitchen or a Meal of Pies

I love the connection between life and food in books. Many of my favourite stories use food to indicate goodness or the lack of food as hardness. As a child my family read Heidi together; I had a romantic notion that eating bread and goat cheese was the best thing in the world. The same thing happened when I reread The Hobbit. Bilbo was always going on about his longings for hard boiled eggs. So much so that I cooked one…and I don’t like eggs.

Monday, friends volunteered to help me prepare for the first children’s Christmas musical practice. They came early to organize hole-punch pages and create 20 music books. They were a blessing but the action I appreciated the most was the mom, knowing I would be able to cook till after the practice brought me supper. There was a some shepherd’s pie turnip'n tater'n beetroot pie and apple pie…yum!

Turns out I am not the only one who likes to experience the food from my stories. My friend was explained there were two main dishes because the turnip'n tater'n beetroot piewas a new experiment. The shepherd’s pie was just in case it didn’t turn out. Their son was reading the Redwall books and this was a dish the forest creatures ate. It was very good. Those mice know their food. For more yummy forest dishes check Redwall Kitchen.


Combs said...

I love Brian Jacques!! the Redwall series was a favorite of mine in middle school...I still have them on my book shelf though I've not actually picked one up in years. love shepherd's pie too, but not a big fan of turnips.

Elizabeth said...

You couldn't taste the turnips and it was really really really good!