Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thankful Thursdays and Winter Tires

I am thankful for the gift of four new snow tires on my car, which I only discovered yesterday. This is how the story goes.

Wednesday, while passing my office Scott mentioned those were some deep treads. I thought he was talking about the tire marks the youth had left from the day before. Scott said, "no, the winter tires." I was like, "what winter tires?" I was so confused because I had plans to go tomorrow to get tires. He said there were new winter tires on my car. I told him there weren’t winter tires on my car. He said there were so we both went out to check out my wheels. Scott was right my car was wearing a brand new set of winter tires.

Last week I traded vehicles with friends so I would have a van for Encounter. During that time they (and I believe others) had new tires put on my car. I love my church family! And I am so glad Scott said something because I would never of noticed on my own. I could just see me tomorrow trying to buy new winter tires…

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Jecca said...

that's awesome!