Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cat Tales and Other Non-Nano Thoughts

1) I hate my cats. Well not really but this morning there was two different messes of cat sick. The first was found in the hall and the other on the living room carpet. I was sick from the clean up. Kima tried to comfort me by putting her little paws on my leg while I was gagging...it didn't help.

2) I got a coupon in the mail today for %25 off cat food, which I checked just before going to the store to buy cat food. I thought it was pretty sweet.

3) I was reminded tonight that I really needed to let some things go. I may or may not elaborate on this in the near future.

4) I cause young children to cry. Children’s Christmas musical parts were given out last night and not everyone is happy with Pastor Liz’s choices…and I am okay with that.

5) Sewing didn’t happen today but it should happen tomorrow.

6) Selinda will be here from Thursday night till Sunday. It is going to be great. The time is already filling up very fast.

7) My small group has been doing a study on Galatians called the Irreligious Christ. My head is full of thoughts and things I want to discuss but that will have to wait till after November.

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