Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bring Your Youth Group To Work Day

The kids (though a few are adamant that they aren’t kids) had no school today and I was at the church so I said they could stop by and visit me. I had nothing fancy planned, just hanging out, chatting, munch on food, whatever. I honestly didn’t think many if any would stop by. In the past I’ve invited them to stop by and they never have. I was wrong.

One was here first thing (9am) actually met me at the doors, which was actually very helpful. Two of the guys showed up an hour later. By lunch there were six in my office and at the crowd peak there were 8 plus me. It made for a good but long day. About two hours ago we decided to go to a soccer game at 9pm (It's 7:50 right now), which means most are still here. I feel like Encounter weekend has been extended and all I want is a nap.

Word Count: I was wrong about yesterday's word count guess. I hope to be to 17,000 before bed tonight.

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