Monday, November 10, 2008

WrimoRadio Week Two!

I love WrimoRadio, which I said yesterday. So I had to share with everyone that the next addition of WrimoRadio is up. I found this week’s podcast a huge support because it reminded me that I am not alone in this journey. The New Yorker Nanos the second week is horrible. I don’t want to write any more but I have come to for and I am going to overcome the week two slump.

Of the helpful hints the one that has worked for me so far is writing for ten minutes then resting for ten. Any other suggestions on how to keep the words coming?

Word Count: haven’t started writing today but hope to be at 16,000 before bedtime.


Jecca said...

you're doing great! i really enjoy WrimoRadio too.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks Jessica. It's nice to see your word count growing too. I am so glad you have time to write. What do you think of the newest announcement?

Jecca said...

the announcement about publishing? i hope it will be a great motivation for people to finish their novels. i'm afraid mine is on hold for another couple of days, but the plan is to have 20K done by Sunday night. My friend Jeff will get me a decadent vegan dessert if I pull that off.