Monday, November 17, 2008

Make It Monday

Tomorrow I am having a sewing morning with a lady in my church. If all goes as planned I'll have most of my Christmas gifts finished or nearly finished. I am not too hopeful; nothing goes as planned in November. Anyone else making Christmas gifts this year?

In NanoWorld:

1) I loved Jo's suggestion about looking into dream analysis. It could lead my story in a whole new direction.

2) A package arrived today from the Office of Letters and Light arrived today. I now have a writers’ group poster, ten nano sticker, and ten beautiful novelist pins just waiting to be given out.

3) I am a behind on my word. I am planning to write 28,000 words tonight to catch up. I believe that this can and will happen so much that I said 28,028 is my current word count on the nano site. Only because when I do reach that number later tonight, I will not be able to update the site at home due to the non existing internet.

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