Saturday, November 15, 2008

Food Friday

The late nights and early mornings that comes with Encounter weekend and the nano challenge has had me consuming more caffeine than usual. To avoid beverage boredom I’ve been branching out in my coffee shop choices this month and not always ordering the same old thing. My traditional Tim’s choice is large apple cinnamon tea with two sugars and my specialty coffee shop favourite has always been a chai latte. I’ve been trying cappuccinos again, mochas, hazelnut coffee (I still dislike coffee unless it’s over powered with sugar and milk, sorry Dad).Tasha has recently introduced me to an absolutely amazing drink –London Fog. It is earl grey tea made with steamed milk and a shot of vanilla. It is so good.

My questions is what is your favourite hot beverage?

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Combs said...

anything brewed is normally enough to put me in a good mood, tea or coffee, but if I have to pick one...there really is nothing like sipping a double espresso on a sunday afternoon can be pure bliss.

Glo said...

that sounds amazing, my favority beverage is a toasted marshmellow hotchocolet from the starbucks in barnes and noble.