Sunday, November 09, 2008

Home From Encounter

We went, we encountered, we drove back home. It was a good a good ‘booster.’ Similar to past years with some changes. It was my first time in the new chapel. That place is huge and beautiful (very beautiful) and huge. I am thankful for the speaker whose messages have inspired the direction for the next few youth groups. The music was good. I learned some new songs. The kids that had gone last year said they wanted Atlantic.

For me, the best part was the drive home. My van had one of those long talks that starts with a simple question and leads to so much more. There were sharing about real struggles, honest look at my high school experience, open thoughts on a wide range of topics and I got to share my passion for cross-cultural ministry very candidly. It was a great road trip. Everyone else has been dropped off at home and my bed is calling.

Word Count: there was no time to write today, a very sad thing.

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