Sunday, November 02, 2008

Reader Participation

During last year’s nanowrimo experience, Bowl of Stew(art) readers made suggestions and later voted to decided the main character’s band’s name. It was an intense battle between Viridian and Now and Till Sunday. If you gave a suggestion or voted thank you; it was greatly appreciated. I am to call upon your assistance again. Over the next days and weeks I’ll be posting different story aspects that have me stumped. For some I will be looking for ideas. Other questions will be decided by a poll.

Today’s Reader Involvment:

What are some of your most interesting, bizarre, or frightening dreams?

Much of the novel is set in a dream world where the characters experience different dreamlike realities. I am looking for bits of dreams and/or nightmare to adapt and insert into my characters adventures.

Word Count: 4,013

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Robin said...

The comic I'm working on is set partly in a dream world, too... So I'll keep my ideas to myself, thanks. heh heh...