Sunday, November 09, 2008

Noveling Thus Far

The first week of nanowrimo was everything I had hoped it would be. Words flowed and my word count graph grew. More than that last Saturday I connected with area writers at the first every Wolfville write-in with plans to get together two more times. Two editions of WrimoRaido, the official nanowrio podcast, were released. I love WrimoRadio. It is a great way to procrastinate and yet still feel productive. Also enjoyed two author pep talks (Jonathan Stroud and Philip Pullman) that showed up in my inbox. I was impressed with the list of pep talk authors this year. I’ve read books by four of the eight.
The actual story is going better than I expected. I was able to write more that the daily minimum most days. New characters I had not expected have joined the adventure, including a mountain race currently called cobins. They are neither goblin or dwarfs yet similar to both and may by the end of the novel be pyroelves. These developments made the story telling both interesting and unexpected.

This coming week will be interesting. The honeymoon of daily writing has past; I have slipped into the second week slump. This might due to the lack of sleep from Encounter weekend. Sleep depravation causes temporary dumbness. I have been staring at my story since 6:00pm (its 11:30 right now) and have only written 300 words.
Word Count: 15, 023

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Robin said...

Yeah, throwing something like a youth rally into the middle of things kind of messes with your schedule, whether you're writing a book or not. I'm sure you'll be back on track soon. Gambatte ne!