Sunday, December 10, 2017

The Simple Woman Daybook 191

FOR TODAY: December 10, 2017
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Outside my window... fresh snow and Christmas lights.

I am thinking...about Doctor Who, mostly because I just finished writing today's Whovian post. I'm also thinking about mental health and the importance of talking to others, not just peers because a friend can only take you as far as they have gone. They can give support, love, and empathy, which is necessary. But there are things that are beyond friends and helping friends seek that help can be hard.

I am thankful...for kind words

One of my favorite things... Advent and lighting the Advent candles each Sunday

I am creating...Christmas gifts, it's a crochet project that I had to learn how to crochet for to complete. I am very thankful for youtube instructional videos. The socks are still in progress with only a few inches to go but will have to wait till I am done the Christmas presents.

I am Christmas pjs

I am reading...Emotionally Healthy Spirituality.

I am watching... so many things. I found my one of my favourite Christmas specials from the early 90s on YouTube. We watched it the other night. It is called the Boy Who Dreamed Christmas. Mom, Sister and I have started season three of the Librarian, Preception with Mom (Season 3), only two episodes left of Stranger Things, season 7 of Doctor Who. And I am working through Arrowverse: Arrow (Season 4), Flash (Season 2). Supergirl (Season 2 but waiting till I am caught up on the other two and started Leaguens of Tomorrow so I can enjoy the big crossover).

I am listening to...beyond hours of Christmas music:

I am hoping... to make Christmas cards this week and get a head on a few blog posts I want to write while still making time for friends and family, it is Christmas after all.

In the Kitchen:...About a month ago I began a major dietary change. I've found a term that fits it best "pegan" which is defined as a cross between paleo and vegan (weird mix I know). Much of what I am eating is big leafy green salads with tons of protein. I have surprised myself with how much I am enjoying the change. I am also working on how to make sure I still enjoy foods and treats aren't seen as failures or cheating. I would like to continue to eat well to because it makes me feel well and still allow myself to enjoy life, celebrations including Christmas cookies, and have a healthy relationship with food.

Closing Notes: I've been tired but in the best of ways. Today I preached a message I've been excited to share. I should listen to it sometime this week and process where I can improve. For now I am just content with the goodness of God and the peace He's given me. And with that it is time for bed.

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bensarmom said...

I love your comment about kind words. It seems that our words bring so much pain and suffering when they can bring encouragement and love. Praying you have a wonderful Christmas.