Monday, June 01, 2015

Daily Writing Warm-Up #1

What If?
Time: 5 min

Asking what if is a great way to bring action, twists, and conflict to fiction. Today's situation is a drive to work or school. Set a time for five minutes. In that time, write as many what if that could add excitement, adventure, or storytelling possibilities to the scenario.

What if there was an accident and the character is late?
What if she caused the accident?
What if he now has to walk to his destination?
What if she tries to take a short cut?
What if he sees his father who was thought to be died?
What if...

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

So, today was my first successful use of a prompt as a writing warm-up. I am at 1 out of 25.

I had fun with the exercise, some of my what ifs were an alien invasion, zombie apocalypse, or a discovery of a portal to another world? One of my favourites was what if the main character hit and killed the bosses pet?

I hope anyone else who used the prompt had fun with it too. What what ifs did you come up with?