Monday, June 08, 2015

The Simple Woman Daybook 158

FOR TODAY: June 8, 2015
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Last week I discovered that the daybook prompts have changed. I am not sure all the new categories fit and I liked some of the ones that are missing. So for this week I decided to kept them all and ask for you to vote on which to use in the future. That got me thinking, what other weekly reflections might be neat so I've added my own prompts. Vote for your favourite in the comments...

Outside my window...a four way stop. I've been people watching between writing.

I am thinking... about writing prompts and story plots.

I am thankful... meals with people.

I am wearing... sandals, jeans, and my Batman tee.

I am creating... nothing at the moment.

I am going... Jurassic World Sunday.

I am wondering... what challenges to put into the final draft of the birthday bucket list.

I am reading... U is for Underdog.

I am hoping... that I remember to take out the garbage this week.

I am learning... Spanish

One of my favorite things... boterkoek

*NEW In my garden... there is nothing but weeds. I am not even trying this year.

In my kitchen... I made broccoli salad and people liked it!

*NEW A favorite quote for today... "have you considered writing cheesy Christian romance?"

*NEW A peek into one of my days... I went to church yesterday, then a potluck (I brought broccoli salad), then a nap, cooked supper, wrote, blogged, watched too much Netflix while texting a friend, then reading before bed.

*NEW From the board room... this is to link something from pinterest but I wasn't on this week.

*NEW Post Script... I've got nothing

Old I am looking forward to... seeing the Wizard of OZ (high school play), a friend gave e their extra ticket.

Old I am hearing... a geeky parody on youtube               

Old Around the house... I found he missing library book.

Old A few plans for the rest of the week:... there week is mostly errands till Saturday. There is a variety show my friend hosts and Sunday is the OZ play and Jurassic World.

Old A picture to share...

Liz Originals:
I am watching... Brooklyn Nine Nine

I am geeking out on... Not Literally parodies

I am played... a lot of Coup and Alhambra this weekend

I want to cosplay as.... Agent Carter


Paula Kaye said...

I adjust the prompts to fit how I need them to be each week. I see nothing wrong with that. I am doing nothing in the garden this year so I just eliminate it. Have a great week

Anonymous said...

Buenos dias! It's your day and daybook, so write what you want. I hope you enjoy Oz play. I went to a high school production a few years ago and it was fabulous! Adios!