Monday, June 15, 2015

Daily Writing Warm-Up #15

What If?
Time: 5 min

Asking what if is a great way to bring action, twists, and conflict to fiction. In that time, write as many what if that could add excitement, adventure, or storytelling possibilities to the scenario.

Today's situation is being in the woods.

  • What if your main character is being chased?
  • What if he gets lost?
  • What if she witness a murder?
  • What if...


Amai said...

My brain was pretty fried for today, so I was glad to find it was another what if challenge. That's one thing I'm always good with. Also, Flower related Zombie apocalypse. That's what if.

Elizabeth said...

I think the what ifs are my favourites! I had fun with this challenge today