Monday, June 15, 2015

Friend Movie Review: Jurassic World

Last night, nine friends and I went to see Jurassic World, where we ran into even more friends. Many have graciously shared their thoughts for the largest Friend Movie Review collaboration ever.

Warning: there are SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Good:
Claire: Chris Pratt was easy to look at and it was overall a good movie, but the original will never be cloned. (See what she did there?)
Clayton: I went in expecting an action-based blockbuster and that's what I got. I did enjoy the homages to the original film like the lobby of the original facility and the siblings with two main leads trapped between velociraptors. Did anyone else notice Ian Malcolm's (Jeff Goldblum) book?
Donna: Chris Pratt! The raptor trainer lived...hooray! The Pteranodon (flying dinosaur) attack was appropriately terrifying. And I also liked the fact that the T-Rex and Blue don't fight after the final battle.... friends - yay!
Duane: It was the movie I was expecting to see. I was looking for a re-make of the original Jurassic Park with modern production abilities and some bits of homage to the original. On that it delivered, so I'm quite a satisfied shopper.
Jenn: I agree with much of what people have said. I also enjoyed the park, especially the water show with the lowering seats. The four velociraptors being released to hunt. And the use of the hologram dinosaur as a method to get away from the raptors.
Ross: I liked how the park was an established place that had existed for years without a problem and seeing all the crowds. The rescue of the pig herder-worker. The character-building of the team of velociraptors.  The Apatosaurus' death scene with the tears. And, the final battle especially the teaming up of the  T-Rex and Blue for the final battle.
Me: I agree with everyone's likes. Chris Pratt is good looking. I enjoyed the humour. There is this great awkward scene when the tech guy goes to kiss the girl but she stops him because she has a boyfriend. I really loved the movie. It gave me the same feelings I had watching the first movie. It wasn't the same suspense and terror but still great. I felt wonder at the beauty of the park (before everything falls apart). I kept leaning over to ask Ross, "dinosaur petting can we go?" "triceratops riding can I do that?" "ooh, kayaking with dinosaurs, can we please do that?" And dinosaur attacks!

The Less Than Good:
Claire: I found the whale-dinosaur and the hybrid dinosaur underwhelming.
Clayton: I liked the idea of how unpredictable the Indominus Rex could be, but then it became predictable really fast. Not that it kept me from enjoying the sequences.
Donna: The protagonist's (Claire) shoes were impractical and drove me crazy. The kids didn't need to go past the fence into the restricted zone it all could've happened inside "safe zone"... I mean wasn't Indominus Rex already there???; I don't think the manipulative military guy was necessary and didn't bring anything to the story.
Duane: It didn't wow me, or introduce anything truly new, story-wise.
Jenn: I liked the kids finding the night vision goggles I just would have liked to have something more happen with them. The end with Chris Pratt and the girl (Claire) walking off into the sunset was cheesy and dumb.
Ross: The early movies all began with an accident and this one broke the tradition. The use of technology was inconsistent, especially the island geography (maps). Chris Pratt had the chance for a great line at the end. He was asked where do we go now and the line could have said "go on a second date." His line was okay but it felt like a missed opportunity.
Me: The product placement up to the coke bottle seemed very heavy and distracted me when it was happening. The direction of the Indominus Rex "going south" didn't match where the dinosaur attacked.

Favourite Dinosaur:
Beth: Ankylosaurus
Claire: Velociraptors
Clayton: Velociraptors
Donna: Tyrannosaurus Rex
Duane: Blue
Jenn: Velociraptors
Ross: Apatosaurus, there was so much emotion in the death scene
MeMosasaurus (the 50-foot water lizard)

Best Death:
Beth: the almost death of Barry (the assistant raptor trainer). So glad he lived.
Claire: the assistant/nanny (Katie McGrath who was in the BBC Merlin show. I (Liz) was trying to figure out who she was through the movie... thankfully there is IMDB)
Clayton: Hoskins (Vincent D'Onofrio/the guy who wanted to use the raptors as weapons) tied with the Indominus Rex's death.
Donna: The second death, the worker who tried to hide behind the truck....the way he was swallowed hole.
Duane: I'm with Claire on the favorite death being the nanny. Right from the start, she made the audience want to see what creative way she could become Dino-kibble, and they put effort into just that.
Jenn: The fiery helicopter death of Simon Masrani (park owner).
Ross: Indominus Rex
Me: I have a tie for best death. The assistant/nanny and the poor gyro ball.

The Rating:
Beth: 3.5 pteranodons out of 5
Claire: 3.5 Chris Pratt muscles out of 5
Clayton: 3.5 Velociraptor nods out of 5
Donna: 4 T-Rexes out of 5
Duane: On a scale of Velociraptor to Indominus Rex I give it a Brontosaurus.
Jenn: 3.4 bait pigs out of 5
Ross: 4 poorly aimed bazooka shots out of 5
Me: 4 gyro balls out of 5

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