Thursday, June 18, 2015

Operation Cupcake

Today is my not-so-baby baby sister's 15th birthday. I wanted to do something special to celebrate with her even though we are separated by three provinces. My plan "Operation Cupcake" inspired by Kid President.

A week ago I started reading Kid President's Guide to Being Awesome. Step #25 is "celebrate somebody's birthday by celebrating other people." One year Brad's (the adult part of Kid President and brother-in-law) hadn't gotten him anything for his birthday. Instead he had given people cupcakes. Then took pictures of the people with their cupcakes and a birthday sign. Through out the day Brad received these birthday photos.

I thought the idea was perfect so at 5am, Lee-Ann got the first of 25 text photos:

Then till 10-ishpm she received pictures of people celebrating her birthday. Most were people Lee-Ann didn't know, some were even people I didn't know (until I offered them a cupcake). But no one turned down the chance to wish my sister a happy birthday (a few returned the cupcake for dietary reasons.) Thank you to everyone who was involved! Here are a few of the people that took part in Operation Cupcake:

 This was the last photo sent at 10:20 pm.

The Operation Cupcake Strategy:
Phase 1: Bake Cupcakes
I enlisted my friend Colette's help. I have no memory of ever making cupcakes (Mom you can correct me if I am wrong.) I remember making cookies, and I remember baking cakes but no cupcakes. So this was a first.
Phase 2: Decorate the Cupcakes 
Colette was the prefect icing instructor. This was my first attempt:
I got better:

Phase 3: Involve the Parental-Units
Lee-Ann doesn't have a cell phone so I called home yesterday and arranged for Mom to let Lee-Ann have her phone for the day.
Phase 4: Recruitment

With the cupcakes ready, I made the birthday sign and began asking people to participate in Operation Cupcake.
Phase 5: Celebration
These last to stages overlapped a bit. I sent the photos to sister through out the day while I was still sharing cupcakes and taking pictures.
The whole project was a lot of fun. If you were one of the people who joined in on Operation Cupcake, I want to say thank you again. And Lee-Ann....
 Happy Birthday Sister!

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