Thursday, June 11, 2015

Goodbye Bones?

Did anyone else watch the season and possible series finale of Bones? Does anyone else still watch Bones? What did you think of the season and last episode?

Most of my friends have stopped watching the show last season or earlier. So my blog is where I am going to reflect on tonight's episode. Be warned, there will be season ten and finale spoilers. If you are working through the show on Netflix and want to be surprised don't continue.

I remember watching the first episode. My co-worker predicted the show wouldn't last a season because the concept was too bizarre and niche. She also thought people were tired of procedurals but the amount of new detective shows that keep popping up makes her 0-2. Bones has lasted 10 seasons.

Once upon a time the show was perfect. It just seemed to have all the right elements and storytelling balance. More than once I would  thinking something like "we haven't seen Bones family for awhile," the next episode would be about her family. Or "we haven't had something like the grave digger", and there would be a great episode about the grave digger. The same things happened after the rotation of assistances began. Then Booth and  Brennan got together and it was like they writers didn't know how to make the show work. Then in 2012, the whole Pelant thing began, which I thought was going to be the nail in the coffin two seasons ago.

Not sure what I kept watching, after the Pelant story ended things got better. I've enjoying the show this season. But, all season it has felt like a wrap up.  First Sweets, (John Francis Day) leaves. Then Hodgins and Angela begin talking about moving to France. Tonight's episode felt like a sad but perfect farewell.

The crime seemed second place. I hated the bring back of Pelant, till it meant Hodgins could get his lost billions back. There were cameos of the regular guest squints, Brennan trusting them to continue her work, an emotional good-bye with Caroline, and a twist of Angela-Hodgins staying and Brennan-Booth leaving. The only three things I wanted was 1) confirmation that Wendell's cancer was in remission 2) a Vaziri-Saroyan proposal; actually I wanted the wedding and 3) Hodgins to take the money; which I feel silly about since it was fictional money that he gave to fiction charities. Also, does anyone find it strange there is never any mention of Booth's son Parker or brother?

In spite of my petty complaints it was a great end and no one was cut off mid sentence. I thought for sure it was the end of Bones. So while I was working on this post I googled. According to Renew Cancel TV; Bones has been renewed for season 11.

Didn't you just do all the good-bye-ings? At least I have hopes for a Vaziri-Saroyan wedding. This feels like Stargate SG-1 having seasons 9-10 after the story wrapped up in season 8. What do you think? Do you like the show? Still watch the show? Think the show should end? What are your thoughts on this season and the finale? Do you think this was too much thought for a show? Leave a comments in the wobbly-do (borrowed that from John Green).

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